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Emotionally driven selloff leaves scars

Monday's stock market rally may have convinced investors that the carnage is over but "scars still remain" from last week's big selloff, says The Daily Ticker's Aaron Task. Monday's rally helped the major indices erase some recent losses but they're still down for the month and year.

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"This selloff is largely emotion driven," explains Yahoo's Jeff Macke in the video above. "Investors have to manage their emotions."

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Ukraine's crackdown on pro-Russian separatists, China's slowing economy and other geopolitical concerns are priced in to the market and cannot be blamed for the dramatic drop in momentum stocks, notes Macke.

"Ukraine is a sideshow," he adds. "What's happening with the Nasdaq has nothing to do with what's happening with Putin."

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The Reformed Broker's Josh Brown says odds of a market crash are small. He asserts that markets are experiencing a "run-of-the-mill" correction.

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Former high fliers like Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Twitter (TWTR) may seem cheap now, but a survey by BofA Merrill Lynch found that 66% of global fund managers think U.S. stocks are too expensive and are turning their attention again to emerging markets.

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