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Meredith Whitney: State Finances Are Still Doomed – These Three States Are In The Most Trouble

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Provided by Business Insider:

Meredith Whitney was on CNBC's Closing Bell Wednesday.

Jeff Cox at CNBC.com spotlights one area where she's wildly bullish. She likes the agriculture and commodity states that are 'right-to-work' where businesses are creating jobs:

"I am wildly bullish on the U.S. in particular markets...I think the U.S. market looks terrific (though) as a collective the U.S. market is not going to grow all together," she said during a "Closing Bell" interview.

"There's opportunity from Texas all the way up to North Dakota, and you can play every industry on that basis," she added. "It's the agriculture-commodity belt — also the Right to Work states. That's where businesses are moving because it's easier to operate and create jobs. So you see a massive demographic shift to those areas."

But there are three stats in particular she doesn't like: California (which is the worst) followed closely by Illinois and New Jersey. In Illinois, in particular, she cited something new about parents being forced to pay for school busses because finances have gotten so bad.

Some other points she made:

  • Europe is stil in a lot of trouble. And beyond Spain, you have to watch France.
  • The panic in Europe will keep US rates low, and that makes the Fed's job easier since rates will stay low.
  • On Citi, there are no big risks out there any more.
  • She's 'absolutely' still worried about state finances. In fact there's more evidence supporting the thesis that the states are in trouble.
  • Some great financials she likes: American Express and JPMorgan (which is really trip).

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