Mick Jagger Turns 70 While The Rolling Stones Tours Add Up to Billions

Mick Jagger Turns 70 While The Rolling Stones Tours Add Up to Billions

Happy 70th birthday Mick Jagger!

Hard to believe The Rolling Stones lead singer is a septuagenarian. Maybe harder to believe that the band still tours after 50 years. Their current tour has grossed about $125 million, according to Anthony DeCurtis, contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine.

"The Stones tours since 1989 have grossed. I would say, at least $1.5 billion. They earn their reputation as a live band..."

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And that's a big reputation. Three of their tours rank in the Top 10 grossing tours of all time -- "A Bigger Bang Tour" from 2005-2007 grossed $558 million, according to Billboard.

So The Daily Ticker's Aaron Task had to ask: Are they touring for the money? "I don't think The Rolling Stones need the money at this point," says DeCurtis. Turns out that's a lesson they learned the hard way.

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"When The Rolling Stones were broke at the end of the sixties... they went to like really one of the most kind of conservative straight English bankers [Prince Rupert Loewenstein] and Jagger and he formed a relationship and that guy handled their money up until a few years ago." DeCurtis says Prince Rupert's money-managing skills served The Rolling Stones well. "He was somebody who made very conservative bets with him that paid off over time."

Various estimates put Sir Jagger's net worth at $300 million.

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