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‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’: What First World Consumers Whine About

‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’: What First World Consumers Whine About

First world consumers have little to complain about compared to the hundreds of millions of people in the world suffering from hunger, disease and war.

"We have been a proud nation of complainers," writes Streeter Seidell in the introduction to his new book "White Whine: A Study of First-World Problems."

This "rich bitching" Seidell writes about is based on "the notion that no matter how good you have it -- drinking coconut water, eating at fancy restaurants, having an iPhone, being able to afford child care -- you're still annoyed."

And often the most annoying things have to do with technology. "You need it to be perfect, and it never is," Seidell tells The Daily Ticker.

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Seidell says Apple (AAPL) products are a prime target for complaints because of what he calls "the luxury principle" -- "if you believe that you have purchased a luxurious experience...you will complain about it. So when it's not perfect you’re like 'this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.'"

Apple users will even tweet their complaints on the phone they so despise. (Seidell does admit that he's just like the people he's writing about).

"Apple users complain about almost everything Apple does while buying almost anything Apple puts out," writes Seidell.

But Apple is not the only tech company the 1% complain about. Seidell says Facebook (FB) is also a popular target anytime the social media company redesigns the site or adds a new feature. This "turns a fair portion of Facebook users into a pack of pickled old bar drunks who nurse warm Pilsners while angrily shouting about the good ol' days to nobody in particular," writes Seidell.

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Facebook recently announced it was phasing out its "Who Can Look Up Your Timeline by Name" feature that let users block their profiles from appearing on searches. All users will now be searchable.

"No service" or "No Wi-Fi" are also popular things to complain about, Seidell notes.

"No service" sends whiners searching for service like "old men walking the beach with metal detectors, hoping to locate some buried LTE frequency out in the middle of nowhere," writes Seidell. But 'What's the Wi-Fi here' is probably one of the most asked questions today, right behind 'Do you have any gluten-free options?'"

Did I mention he's a standup comedian? Another reason for you to watch the video above.

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