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How To Never Pay Full Price for Anything – Ever Again!

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind
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How To Never Pay Full Price for Anything – Ever Again!

“You must never pay full price for anything - ever,” says Mark Ellwood, author of Bargain Fever.

According to Ellwood, nearly half of everything in America is sold at a discount, and a quarter of the U.S. population won’t even consider purchasing something unless it’s been marked down. In this environment, he reasons, there's no reason for a shopper to be the exception!

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Even when something doesn’t appear to be discounted, it is, says Ellwood.

“Everything’s always on sale if you know how to ask nicely," he adds in the accompanying video. Ellwood claims asking sales staff if they have any flexibility on price is often all it takes to get 10% off instantly.

Shopping pre-sale is also a good way to get deals, notes Ellwood. That’s when you’re invited to shop a sale before it’s open to the public (and before the good stuff sells out).

“It’s really simple," he says. "Pick your favorite store, find a sales assistant and tell them you want to work with them all the time. You’re going to get the phone call and the email a week before the sale starts.”

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If you do walk into a store during a sale, you know you’re getting a good deal if products are marked down over 30% according to Ellwood. “Under 30% these days when there are 'sale' signs up is an insult.”

Ellwood’s advice extends beyond brick-and-mortar shops. When shopping online check out websites like Shop it to Me, which will let you know where an item you have your eye on is discounted. Poach It is another service that finds any available coupons for a product you're looking to buy.

What’s Ellwood’s favorite discount trick? Watch the video above to find out.

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