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Occupy Wall Street: The Youth Perspective

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For over a month, The Daily Ticker has extensively covered the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations by trying to shed light on who the protesters are and what exactly it is they hope to change. (See: Occupy Wall Street: What's It All About?)

Since Occupy Wall Street has been more of a youth movement -- a phenomenon not seen in this country for decades -- Daniel Gross, Yahoo! Finance economics editor, wanted to gain perspective from an actual "young person" today.

"What should old folks like me make of the scene at Occupy Wall Street?" Dan asks of Noreen Malone, a 27-year-old writer for New York magazine who recently wrote the cover story "It Sucks to Be Us" on what it is like to be a 20-something college graduate today. (See: The Economic Agony of Today's Twenty-Somethings)

"I actually think that the mode of protest is something that is more of a call back to earlier generations," she says. "The manner of demonstration certainly looks a lot like the '60s, and so I think that is one reason why actually … a lot of older people have been pretty enthusiastic, even if they are not out there … demonstrating and sleeping in Zuccotti Park."

From the outset, the protesters have gotten a lot of criticism for lack of leadership and lack of voice on the issues they are fighting for. It may be hard to pinpoint one problem, but Malone does believe there is an overarching theme gripping the demonstrators.

"For the young people who are out there day in and day out … what is getting them out there is pretty visceral economic hurt," she says. "Many of them are stories of people who have college degrees … they have a huge amount of loans and they have found themselves unable to get jobs, and that's why they can find time to spend in Zuccotti Park or wherever they are protesting."

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