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The One Book Your (Adult) Kids Must Read This Summer

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The One Book Your (Adult) Kids Must Read This Summer

The trials and tribulations of the millennial generation are well documented: staggering student loans, tough job market, the inability to move away from home.

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Millennials, defined as young adults born between 1977 and 1992, may be experiencing many hardships but they’re also looking out for each other. Kelly Williams Brown, a 28-year-old reporter based in Portland, Ore., recently published her first book “Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps” to help her fellow millennials act more like adults. She dispenses tips that range from how to patch nail holes (Step #21) to how to find a good tailor (Step #257) to how to write a decent condolence note (Step #409) and how to ask for a raise (Step #159). Some of the tips are frivolous (she explains how to master oatmeal in Step #74) but some are tried and true lessons that have been passed down for generations: Accept the idea of networking (Step #135) and don’t get drunk on the first date (Step #348).

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Williams Brown shares some of her best job recommendations in an interview with The Daily Ticker including Step #134: Let go of your pride and take a paying job if you are currently unemployed.

“It’s a tough thing to remember when you’re right out of college that a lot of time you do have to swallow your pride, take the unglamorous position, take the low-paying position,” she says. “Just remember you have to do it well and work really hard at it and as you do that your options will expand.”

Adulthood is “never a super elegant process,” she continues, but “while it’s not easy or simple it’s something that everyone goes through, it’s something everyone has to do, it’s something that everyone can do.”

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