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Petraeus Sex Scandal: Does It Put the Whole Nation at Risk?

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Washington's fixation with the David Petraeus sex scandal could have serious consequences for the whole country. The deadline to avert the so-called fiscal cliff -- the most pressing fiscal crisis at the moment -- could be delayed if members of Congress decide to hold hearings about Petraeus' extramarital affair.

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The scandal has sucked the air out of Washington because of the intrigue (and national security concerns) but lawmakers cannot lose focus on the important issues like the fiscal cliff. The CBO, prominent economists and many Wall Street CEOs have all issued grave warnings about the economic impact if these billions of dollars of automatic spending cuts and tax increases go into effect next January. Will the lame-duck Congress listen? There are only so many legislative days left until end of the year. Now is the not the time to become preoccupied with sordid love scandals.

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This rapidly changing story will likely reveal more shockers in the days to come. If you haven't been reading the newspaper or watching the cable shows, here's the latest in the Petraeus sex scandal:

If this story really is about "something else entirely," we can't wait to hear what that is.

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