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Here’s What Playing Tennis Looks Like While Wearing Google Glass

Justin Maiman
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Here’s What Playing Tennis Looks Like While Wearing Google Glass

At Google's (GOOG) shareholder meeting earlier this month, CEO and co-founder Larry Page defended Google Glass and promised that everyone will get used to "wearable tech." That remains to be seen but despite potential privacy issues, there is no shortage of video on YouTube and elsewhere of people taking advantage of the 5 megapixel camera to take striking photos and video.

The surreal video above is a great example of what the point-of-view video shows... as "Glassographer" Jamie Block plays clay court tennis at Le Club in Westhampton Beach on Long Island, New York while wearing Glass.

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Virginia Heffernan, national correspondent for Yahoo! News, tells The Daily Ticker that the Glass camera is by far the $1,500 gadget's best feature, resulting in an almost "3D" effect. "If you take a picture of a window, you can somehow see both sides of the panes of glass... that's the lucid part of the lucid dream."

Watch the video to find out why Block says: "It's like playing a game of tennis 100 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean." Then imagine what it would be like to have Serena Williams or Roger Federer wear Google Glass while playing at Wimbledon.

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