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Ralph Nader’s Game Plan for Democrats to Beat “Crazed, Venal” GOP

Aaron Task
Editor in Chief
Daily Ticker

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It's looking increasingly like Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee to take on President Obama in November. Ralph Nader says the Democratic Party's playbook should be the same, no matter who is the GOP standard bearer.

According to the famed consumer advocate, progressive politician and three-time third-party Presidential candidate, Democrats should seize on the following issues to secure Obama's reelection and, perhaps, retake the House of Representatives this fall:

Save the Post Office: Particularly in rural areas, the U.S. Post Office plays a vital role as "gathering place" and a Federal presence, Nader declares. Democrats should "block those ridiculous closures."

Raise the Minimum Wage: On an inflation-adjusted basis, the minimum wage is lower today than it was in 1968, according to Nader, who says raising the minimum wage will "put money back into consumer demand and create jobs."

End Bush Tax Cuts: "So clueless are the Democrats that they have not learned to use the word 'restore' instead of the Republican word 'increase' when talking about taxes that were previously cut for the millionaires and billionaires," Nader writes.

Collect Unpaid Taxes: According to the IRS, $385 billion of taxes go uncollected annually. "When taxes are not collected, the large majority of honest taxpayers are left with the unfair consequences," according to Nader. "Imagine that money being applied to jobs that repair our crumbling public works."

End Corporate Tax Loopholes: As with many, Nader thinks it's "outrageous" that some major corporations pay little or no federal taxes and that legal loopholes allows most large corporations to pay an effective rate far below the statutory rate of 35%.

Bring the Troops Home: "Do what most U.S. soldiers in the field have believed should have been done years ago -- get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and nearby countries like Kuwait where thousands of U.S. soldiers based in Iraq have moved," Nader advises.

According to Nader, the current crop of Republicans are "crazed and venal" and the Democrats should be "land sliding" them in the polls. That is not the case, he believes, because there are only "minuscule differences" between the two parties on big issues, with the notable exception of healthcare.

Following Nader's playbook would certainly accentuate the differences between the Democrats and the GOP; whether it would lead to electoral victory is another story.

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