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How Tech Companies Are Responding to NSA Surveillance

Justin Maiman
Daily Ticker
How Tech Companies Are Responding to NSA Surveillance

The list of technology companies wanting clarity from the U.S. government is growing.

The Guardian, which broke the original National Security Agency surveillance story, says Microsoft (MSFT), Facebook (FB) and Twitter are ramping up their PR machines to counter the controversial data program.

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So far though, Google (GOOG) appears to be the only company that formally requested permission from the government to disclose data requests. More importantly, what can these companies do to counter the NSA program?

Not much, says Yahoo! Finance senior columnist Rick Newman. He tells The Daily Ticker: "These orders are so secret that the companies aren't even to acknowledge that they've received an order. There is no way to explain to your customers what you're doing with their data. It's forbidden."

Watch the video above to see whether Newman thinks customers of big tech companies are likely to boycott their email accounts or social media sites.

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In a related development, whistleblower and former CIA employee Edward Snowden told the South China Morning Post: "I am not here to hide from justice..." And went on to express his hope to stay in Hong Kong and, "fight the United States government in the courts."

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