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Luxury for the 1%, by the 1%

Aaron Task
Editor in Chief
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CEO salaries at major U.S. and European banks increased 10.1% last year to an average of $13 million, The FT reports. Led by Lloyd Blankfein's $19.9 million haul at Goldman Sachs, American CEOs took the top-five slots.

Yes, it's a clean sweep of the Money Olympics for Team America - Gold! Silver! Bronze! Diamond! Ruby! USA! USA!

Be they CEOs, entrepreneurs, heirs or lottery winners, there's no shortage of places wealthy American executives can put their money. Still, multiple homes, private jets and even private islands are becoming passe -- many in the 1% are increasingly stumped as to where to go to spend all that money.

Fortunately, and just in time for the summer, there's a new destination designed to connect luxury brands, service providers and consumers: Dot Luxury, whose "sole purpose is to provide a dedicated digital platform for all things luxury."

Dot Luxury, for when the real world isn't luxurious enough.

Dot Luxury, for virtually all your real-world luxury needs.

Dot Luxury, if you have to ask, you can't afford to visit our Web site.

As Bloomberg reports, Dot Luxury is just one of a handful of new firms started by (wait for it...) former Wall Street executives with a goal of helping current Wall Street executives -- and others in the opulent set -- spend their vast wealth on items like:

  • A $1 million swimming pool by Live Better Systems shaped like a Stradivarius violin and featuring a hot tub as the violin chin rest and two koi ponds shaped like a bow.
  • A $50 million NYC penthouse by Delos Living that features posture-boosting cork floors, purified air, lighting built around circadian rhythms, Vitamin C-infused showers...and so much more!

If it's good enough for Leonardo DiCaprio, who played 'The Wolf of Wall Street' on the big screen, it's good enough for the real ones, right?

Leave it to bankers to not only make the big bucks but to figure out a way to separate the people who make the REALLY SUPER DUPER big bucks from their money -- at least a small percentage of it.

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