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Market has "pockets of silliness" but is "far away from a bubble": Howard Lindzon

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Even as U.S. markets flirt with new highs, Stocktwits Chairman Howard Lindzon has only 40% of his portfolio invested in stocks. But this conservative approach can't be attributed to concerns about a market bubble: "We're as far away from a bubble as possible," he says in the video above.

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Lindzon believes there are pockets of "silliness" right now and chooses to invest in stocks that he can "explain to his children," including Charles Schwab (SCHW), Interactive Brokers (IBKR) and robot maker iRobot (IRBT).

"There’s enough good companies to own," he declares. "I am bullish on stocks."

He's avoided some of the sectors that have risen just as sharply as they have fallen -- namely biotechs -- and explains that a "stealth" rotation has been happening -- investors are moving away from momentum stocks to previously unloved sectors like banks.

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He admits that this market may seem "confusing" to many investors but he steadfastly dismisses talk that today's indices resemble the dot com era.

"This is a very different environment from 1999," he says.

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