Top Black Friday Myths Debunked

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For some people this means family, food and football. But for others it means just one thing: shopping.

Black Friday has become synonymous with fire sales and door-buster deals. Shoppers often camp out Thanksgiving night to take advantage of great deals on hot items when stores open at the crack of dawn Friday morning.

Unfortunately, a lot of savvy shoppers fall prey to common Black Friday myths, says Lindsay Sakraida, features director of She stopped by The Daily Ticker to debunk some common Black Friday lore, including the following:

  • Black Friday sales begin on Black Friday "Not true," says Sakraida. "I'm sure that a lot of people have heard that stores are even opening on Thanksgiving now." Each year, sales get earlier and earlier, if you wait until Black Friday to start shopping you'll miss out on some great deals. There's no longer any need to leave holiday festivities early in order to hit the mall.

  • Cyber Monday sales offer better deals than Black Friday "Cyber Monday may release different deals, ones that are especially for Cyber Monday, but most of the best deals will come on Thanksgiving and Black Friday," explains Sakraida. If a shopper decides to wait until Cyber Monday, many of the deals available on Black Friday will have already sold out.

  • You must camp out on Black Friday to get the best deals Stores typically have 10 or less hot ticket times, Sakraida tells The Daily Ticker. Even if you do camp out, the chances of getting one of these teaser items is slim to none. Catch up on sleep and spend time with your family instead of waiting in front of a store all night, she suggests.

  • Black Friday sales are unsafe Every year there are stories of trampling and fights breaking out over sale items during the Black Friday rush. These tales are exceedingly rare and hyped up according to Sakraida.

  • Everything is at its lowest price of the year on Black Friday "It's very important to do some price checking. Do a little bit of homework before you actually buy anything," says Sakraida. While stores will have huge sales, a lot of the items are "fillers" that have been on sale for less throughout the year.

  • No one can match Black Friday deals Best Buy (BBY) and Target (TGT) have Black Friday price matching policies in place, if you can find a better deal they'll lower their own prices. This includes online retailers like (AMZN).

  • You can return Black Friday purchases "You can almost consider many of these items final sale clearance products," says Sakraida. The reason these items are so cheap is that stores really want to get rid of them; they don't want to have to take back the items at a later date. Don't go overboard on shopping, as you will be permanently stuck with the bill for whatever you purchase.

Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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