The Trump Interview: How to Fix the Economy

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Herman Cain has his 9-9-9 plan.

Mitt Romney has his 59-point plan.

Ron Paul wants to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget and President Obama is trying to push his new jobs plan.

Donald Trump isn't a sitting politician or running for office, although many Americans wish he were. Still, the real estate mogul and TV personality most assuredly has some ideas on how to fix the economy.

Donald Trump's plan rests on three main ideas:

Get Tough on China: Trump says the U.S. should impose at least a 25% tariff on Chinese goods in response to what he calls their currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. Although China holds over $1.1 trillion of U.S. Treasuries, "we have all the power," Trump says. "If we stop doing business with them, they will go into a depression the likes of which you have never seen…and we'd create a lot of jobs."

Stop the Outsourcing: Beyond China, nations big (like India) and small (Colombia) are taking advantage of America, Trump says. "I like free trade but it's got to be fair [trade]. It can't be the way it's been."

Rebuild America: Lamenting the state of America's roads, bridges and airports vs. those in the world's emerging economies, Trump breaks with Republican orthodoxy and endorses big infrastructure spending. "I'm talking common sense," he says. "Our country has to rebuild itself."

In keeping with his out-sized personality, Trump wants America to be more muscular and reassert itself on the world stage.

"We're not a respected country [anymore] we're not a leader," he says. "We used to take advantage of everyone else -- those days are gone. Everyone else is taking advantage of us."

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