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Trump: Occupy Wall Street Indicates “There Is Something Wrong With This Country”

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Occupy Wall Street continues to gain momentum. Five weeks in, the protest has gone global and the movement shows no signs of slowing.

In our interview with Donald Trump, the billionaire told The Daily Ticker's Aaron Task, Occupy Wall Street is on to something and he appears somewhat sympathetic to the qualms of the so-called 99%. "There is a tremendous fervent and there is something wrong with this country," Trump says. "Our country is blowing up in front of our eyes."

The movement, he believes, is a symptom of an unfair and unjust system that favors certain interests at the expense of ordinary Americans. However, he thinks all the complaints about income inequality, high unemployment and a crooked system would fade if, "the economy gets good again." Unfortunately, he's has little faith that the leadership in Washington will make that happen anytime soon.

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Trump is also vocal about the tax advantages big oil companies enjoy. "For this country to be supporting oil companies in terms of lot taxes and in terms of subsidies is just absolutely ridiculous." Trump says companies like ExxonMobil are in cahoots with OPEC and are to blame for higher oil prices. Meanwhile, the government's tax code allows them to save billions.

Speaking of taxes, Trump says the current tax system is too "complicated" and "onerous." Having recently met with GOP Presidential front-runner Herman Cain, Trump firmly believes in a simplification of the tax code, but isn't so quick to endorse Cain's 9-9-9 plan that calls for 9% personal income tax, 9% corporate tax, and 9% national sales tax. "It's a very tough plan for the middle income and the low income people," he says, referring to the regressive nature of the plan.