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Trump Is Still Not Ruling Out a Run at the White House

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Donald Trump is still not ruling out a run for the White House in 2012. The outspoken critic of President Obama may decide to throw his hat back in the ring, after toying with the idea earlier this year, he tells The Daily Ticker in the accompanying interview. This time though, he'd look to run as a third-party candidate, rather than as a Republican.

"I will tell you if the wrong candidate is chosen and if the economy continues to be bad, which I think it will because I think we have incompetent leadership, I would certainly consider an independent run," the billionaire tells Aaron Task in the interview.

Trump has yet to endorse a GOP presidential candidate, but at some point he says he plans to. In our interview, Trump has complimentary things to say about surprising front-runner Herman Cain. "He's done a very impressive job," says Trump about the former Godfather's Pizza CEO. And he's also a fan of Rep. Michele Bachmann, with whom he participated in a telephone town hall meeting this week.

But when it comes the current state of politics, and the Republican Party as a whole, Trump is less than enthusiastic, calling the GOP a "self-destructive party." In Trump's opinion, the Republican Party should have buried Obama in polls already. But, whether it was botching the debt ceiling debate or the general ineptitude in Congress, Trump has been consistently disappointed by their politics.

With these kind of leaders in both parties, it's no wonder Washington is "hated" by the constituency, Trump says. A recent poll proves his point. Only 16% of likely U.S. voters say the country is heading in the right direction, according to the latest Rasmussen survey. He blames voter dissatisfaction on weak leadership. "Everybody's taking advantage of the United States," he says. "The world is looking at us a very, very stupid punching bag."

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