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Uber-Luxury vs Affordability: The $1.4M Bugatti’s Tires Cost More Than One Nissan Versa

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From big cars to little cars, to cars with no roofs and cars that can run with little or no gas, there is something for everyone at the New York International Auto Show, which starts today at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

And with the value of a dollar more important than ever these days, lest one forget the importance of comparing luxury and affordability.

The Daily Ticker's Aaron Task is actually in the market for a new car and wanted to find out just how much bang he can get for his buck on both ends of the price spectrum.

The Mission: Find the most expensive and exotic car and compare it to one of least expensive and more realistic cars on display.

Aaron met up with the president of the show Mark Schienberg to find some answers. Watch the video and read on for what he found!

Luxury is Not Cheap

The most expensive car at the show and arguably the most exclusive car ever produced for consumers would be the $1.4 million Bugatti Veryron, says Schienberg.

Everything on this car down to the seat stitches is fully customized for the purchaser.

It is one of the world's fastest cars with a 1000+ horsepower engine fed by four bi-turbochargers. The car can go zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds!

And, just to replace the tires on this car, costs more than one of the least expensive cars on display at the show.

Lots of Bang for Very Little Buck

One of the most affordable options at the show being the 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan, which has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $10,990.

"If you have to come back down to reality, this is actually a really good car to come down to" says Schienberg who is also the president of the New York Auto Dealers Association. "It's got really good features for a family that is concerned about fuel efficiency [at] 37 miles per gallon."

It also received an excellent safety rating, is equipped with a GPS and has plenty of leg and headroom for those less vertically challenged as Aaron demonstrates in the accompanying video.

To put price in perspective one final time, for the price of one $1.4 million Bugatti, you could buy more than 100 Nissan Versas!