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The Weiner Sale: Spirit Air Offers Fares “Too Hard to Resist”

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Spirit Airlines has done it again!

Just when you thought the Rep. Anthony Weiner saga couldn't get any weirder, the discount airline, known for its wacky and clever ad campaigns, promises fares so low they are just "too hard to resist."

It's the "Weiner Sale!"

"This scandalous sale is no secret so get socially connected with fares from just $9 each way, based on roundtrip purchase! Hurry to book now before this sale gets hacked!" reads Spirit's website.

The Daily Ticker's Henry Blodget calls this ad a terrible marketing strategy, plain and simple.

Horizon Media's Senior Vice President of Research, Brad Adgate agrees. However, just as the saying goes, Adgate is of the mind that any news is good news in advertising.

Heck. This is the first time The Daily Ticker has covered the discount airline even though it went public late last month.

"You want people talking about your brand," says Adgate. "We live in a social media world where this thing is sent virally. I mean, Anthony Weiner knows that better than anybody." (See: ANTHONY WEINER: The Latest Pathetic Chapter In American Politics)

To push this tongue in cheek story one step further, upon reaching out to Spirit Airlines for a comment, the company's public relations office e-mailed The Daily Ticker this response: "We can confirm with certitude that the photo is in fact our weiner. The ad is ours, and we sent it."

In all seriousness, the sale may go a long way in a very competitive industry where skyrocketing oil prices have hurt earnings. This week the International Air Transport Association cut its forecast for 2011 profits in half to $4 billion due to the deadly disaster in Japan and rising oil prices.

If you want to take advantage of this deal, you had better jump to it. The Weiner Sale ends today.

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