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Why the Microsoft Surface Tablet is ‘Awkward and Confused’

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind
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Why the Microsoft Surface Tablet is ‘Awkward and Confused’

It's a tablet showdown: The Kindle Fire HDX, iPad Mini 2 and Microsoft Surface 2 will all be released this fall.

The Kindle Fire will debut its new Mayday feature and the iPad Mini is rumored to come in gold and with fingerprint technology (like the iPhone 5S), but the Microsoft Surface seems confused, says Yahoo Finance tech reporter Aaron Pressman. While other tablets are coming of age it appears that the Surface is stuck in its awkward stage.

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Pressman doesn't think the lackluster projected sales of the Surface 2 even have much to do with the product itself- the Surface 2 actually got pretty decent reviews. Instead Pressman believes the issue lies with Microsoft's confusion over what they want the Surface to be.

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"Microsoft's new commercial has the new high-end expensive Surface Pro and their low-end cheaper Surface that's like an iPad in the same commercial...it seems like they haven't figured out what the strategy is," Pressman says in the accompanying video. "I don't know that consumers can gravitate towards something when they don't even understand what it's supposed to be."

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But don't lose hope yet, the third iteration of the Surface may be Microsoft's big winner with consumers.

"The third version of Windows was the one that really took of," notes Pressman. "I think they're going to keep trying and they have faith in this idea that the third time is the charm. I bet you in Redmond they're thinking, 'This is another iteration and it's the next one where we're going to catch up.'"

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