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Fantasy Finance Week 3: Leaders Go Over $150,000

Here we are in week three of Yahoo!'s Fantasy Finance stock trading game, and it's getting more interesting by the day.

At this point, only 12 trading days in, we've got two players who've gone over $150,000, with the leader at $152,370. That separation is starting to get pretty impressive over the other players -- but it's still a long way to go before we get to the finish line. Our third place player is at just under $142,000, while 10th place is back at $132,478.

So far, some 60% of our players, all of whom started with $100,000, are making money. Even the participants back at the 90th percentile are holding on at around $96,000.

What does that mean? That it's anybody's game. Remember, this is only week three of a 12-week contest, and that $50,000 grand prize is very much up for grabs. While you're trying to get the big check, you can still play for the weekly payout of $1,000.

For now, keep tracking your positions regularly, and encourage your friends and family to take part.

Good luck to everyone.