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Apple sets a date; new iPhone coming Sept. 9th?

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance
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Apple (AAPL) finally put a date on it. “It” being its next big event when everyone and anyone are expecting the company to roll out its long-awaited iPhone 6.

Leaks showing a bigger screened iPhone have been popping up almost daily, leading some to wonder if there will be any magic left in the actual unveil.

"I’m so sick of this coquette-ish [act of], ‘We’re releasing a product but we can’t tell you anything about it,’“ said Yahoo Finance’s Jeff Macke. “Grown up companies don’t do this.” Despite his criticism, Macke is still long Apple stock.

Looking at past iPhone announcements, Apple stock has fallen in the month following for five of the past six announcements. It went up the month following the 4S unveil, but it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride. Even after Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, the stock pulled back from its initial new product euphoria. Still, the iPhone has no-doubt helped boost Apple profit, and stock price, in the long run. 

“This event is going to be the greatest event since the Super Bowl” said Yahoo Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task. “I’m being facetious of course, but this is a big deal… if this thing is a big hit, you could see that stock continue to surge into the end of the year.”

That could be big news for more than just Apple. The company makes up a large part of the tech-focused Nasdaq and is currently the largest company in the S&P 500, which is a weighted index. Which is to say, how investors react to Apple’s newest products could impact the broader market.

“There’s a lot of new phones coming out this September, but the only one we’re talking about is the Apple iPhone,” added Task.

So mark September 9th on your calendar.

Even if you think you know what to expect with the iPhone 6, there’s always the potential for a second announcement. An Apple watch, for example.

“I’ve been hearing about the iWatch for so long [I can’t believe] it’s not out yet,” said Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman.

Earlier this year Apple unveiled technology – the Health App – at its developer conference that seems conducive to wearable technology. After all, how much more usable would a dashboard that monitors blood sugar and calories be if it synched with a watch?

So far, wearable technology seems like the clear future for tech giants. Earlier this summer, Google (GOOGL)  put its anticipated Google Glass on sale for one day only, and the entire stock sold out. (The white version in particular sold out within hours.)

While Newman wasn’t excited about the idea of an iWatch on its own, he said, “If they’re incorporating some new health care technology into an iWatch and perhaps into the phone that has to go with it, that will be newsworthy.”