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Chiquita, Fyffes deal in jeopardy; Chinese proposal for three years paid maternity leave; Higher salary or higher 401(k) match?

Hot Stock Minute

Chiquita Brands (CQB) received an unsolicited joint-offer from two groups with roots in Brazil. The Cutrale Group, an orange juice supplier, and the Safra Group, a private bank, made an offer of $611 million, or $13 a share for the banana company. Chiquita is already in the middle of a merger with Irish fruit company Fyffes. That deal, announced in March, would be an inversion where the new company would be domiciled in Ireland for tax purposes.

A Chinese delegate proposed to raise paid maternity leave in the country from 98 days to three years. Wang Youjun, a deputy of the Beijing People’s Congress and chairman of Beijing Watchdata System Co., said a mothers are important in the first three years of a babies lives and that they should have the option to focus on raising their children and then come back to their career.

survey for Fidelity Investments says 43% of employees would take a lower salary in return for a higher match by their employer to a 401(k). The survey of 1,027 respondents for Fidelity, which manages the second-most retirement assets, also showed that 13% of workers would prefer a $100,000 salary and no 401(k) contribution from an employer, while 27% of respondents would chose a $90,000 annual salary and a $10,000 annual employer contribution. Another 34% of respondents said they prefer a $75,000 salary with a $25,000 annual contribution to a 401(k).

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