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Google everywhere

Hot Stock Minute

The keynote address at Google (GOOGL) I/O, the company’s developer conference is about to begin. What can we expect from the Internet search giant? A TV set-top box? A smartwatch? Android in your car?

If the rumors are correct, then the answer to all of the above is, yes!

The Wall Street Journal reported the company is expected to debut a TV set-top box that will let users play games, and watch movies and other content. Google is also expected to debut a smartwatch, and give more details about integrating its Android operating system into cars.

If it seems like Google wants to be everywhere, that’s the point. Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task said that Google still makes most of its money from advertising. “If you’re using your Google phone to power what you’re watching on TV, that’s more opportunities for them to put ads in front of you and for them to make money,” he said. Task also noted that Google recently bought Nest, which makes Internet-connected smoke detectors and thermostats. Task said the company hopes users will be able to control their houses with their Android phones as well. “So that is the long-term strategy there,” he said.

But it’s not just Google who wants to be everywhere. Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL) also want consumers within their own ecosystems – watching content and buying products through their interfaces. “They want you all to be using their software and living in their universe so you’ll do more things on their platforms,” Task said.

Task cautioned that whatever debuts at Google I/O may not necessarily be a hit. He sited the recent column Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Pressman who listed several Google products that were released at their developer conference over the last several years that fell flat with consumers.

We won’t have too much longer to wait and see if today’s new products are hits or misses. Google I/O is scheduled to kick off at Noon Eastern today.