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Will Microsoft's 'bold ambition' change its culture?

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At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

That is how Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella defined the company in a 3,100-word email to employees. Titled "Bold Ambition & Our Core,” Nadella wrote, “I consider the job before us to be bolder and more ambitious than anything we have ever done,” he wrote.

“Move faster, more efficiently”

Nadella said the company needs to work faster and more efficiently. No specific organizational changes or layoffs were mentioned, but he said senior management would reveal more in the coming weeks and he will discuss more changes when the company releases earnings on July 22.

Yahoo Finance Senior Columnist Michael Santoli said those efficiencies will probably mean leaner business lines and faster-moving decision-making. “We’ll see what it means in terms of the head count there at Microsoft,” he said.

Changing culture

Restating the bold ambition theme in his email, Nadella wrote, “Our ambitions are bold and so must be our desire to change and evolve our culture.”

“I’m trying to think of the last time a new CEO actually changed corporate culture after saying he wanted to change corporate culture,” said Yahoo Finance Columnist Rick Newman. “If you want to change corporate culture, just make the company more profitable.”

Yahoo Finance’s Jeff Macke isn’t buying it.

“Nothing says efficiency like a 3,100-word email,” he said sarcastically. “I hope there are 70 slides that came with that, and maybe a bunch of meetings to follow.”

“This sounds like the old Microsoft, and then some,” Macke added.”

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