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Netflix & the Emmys: better luck next year

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance
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Breaking Bad may have stolen the show at last night’s Emmys, but Netflix (NFLX) continued making inroads into Hollywood’s status quo.

“I think they have been accepted by the mere fact that they’re being nominated,” said Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task. “Next year, I can almost guarantee you that House of Cards is going to win a couple of Emmys.”

In 2008, the Television Academy ruled that broadband providers could be nominated. In 2012, Netflix took home its first Emmy in a technical category. Last year Netflix was nominated 14 times. Most of its awards were technical, but David Fincher did take home a statue for best director for House of Cards.

This year was basically more of the same. Netflix racked up an impressive 31 nominations. But despite fan buzz, the company took home just 7 awards, mostly in technical categories.

“Every year that goes by, there’s going to be less and less distinction between whether something is on broadcast TV or digital only or both,” said Task.

Still, the only major award it won last night (versus the Creative Arts Emmys for more technical awards held last week) was guest actress in a comedy to Uzo Aduba who plays “crazy eyes” in Orange is the New Black.

“Don’t shed a tear for Netflix,” said Task. “They will be back next year I suspect in a big way at the Emmys.”

That could be good news for investors. The company’s stock rallied to an all-time high on Monday ahead of the Emmys. 

 But when you stack Netflix up against its other competitors, the news may not be as rosy. 

Netflix content boss Ted Sarandos famously told GQ, “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us,” and the company still has a long way to go for that.

HBO (TWX) was nominated for 99 Emmys and took home 19 (the most of any network on both counts).

And now Netflix has to worry about more than just HBO. Competitors like Hulu are ramping up the original content. Amazon (AMZN) has pledged $100 Million to the same end. And even Yahoo! Finance’s parent company Yahoo has bet on new original content.

So far, though, Netflix is the only one of the bunch with Emmys.

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