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Dean Arrindell
Hot Stock Minute

Here’s a look at some of the stocks the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

FedEx (FDX) recovered from steeper losses earlier this morning after the company missed earnings and revenue, citing extreme winter weather. Earnings per share missed by $0.23. Revenue came in just slightly below expectations. The FedEx results are seen as something of a bellwether of just how much of an impact the extreme winter will have on the entire shipping and transportation sectors.

General Mills (GIS) reported earnings below Wall Street estimates. Revenue fell 1% and just missed estimates as well. The company warned last week that results would come in lower than expected due to a drop in volumes, blaming overall weakness in the food industry and bad weather.

Oracle (ORCL) reported disappointing results after the close yesterday. Earnings and revenue each missed Wall Street expectations. The company said the miss was due in part to foreign currency fluctuations. The company also said revenue suffered as the company transitions from its traditional software business to cloud-based software.

Adobe (ADBE) reported better-than-expected results yesterday on increasing subscriptions to its cloud-based software. Earnings per share beat estimates by $0.05. Revenue rose 1% to $1 billion. The company's results were actually released slightly early by mistake, coming out just before the close of trading yesterday.

Finally, we’re watching Google (GOOG) shares this morning. It looks like the company may beat Apple (AAPL) to market with its new smartwatch. Google and LG (LPL) yesterday said the new "Android Wear" smartwatch would be coming to market within months. Users will be able to ask the smartwatches questions, track fitness and travel data and send messages all from their watches. Apple is also working on a smartwatch that some believe could come to market this year. So the watch wars are on.