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Barbie’s Mustang gets the dyno test it’s long deserved


The Power Wheels Barbie Mustang has long hit a sweet spot for many fathers with daughters, letting them indulge their little girls in Mattel's pink-princess world with a toy they can relate to. (It's also a winner for the real Ford Mustang, which for decades has sold a sizable portion of its convertibles to grown-up Barbie fans.) What better way to strengthen this primal bond between generations than to let daddy borrow Barbie's car for a quick run on the dynamometer?

The gentlemen of DBR High Performance in Spring Hill, Tenn., rose to the challenge, properly cinching the Ken-hauler to the sled and making the necessary modification to take Barbie's car up to its maximum potential. Stick around for the tragic end to the video below, which doubles as a worthwhile public service announcement about what can go wrong with a day of dyno fun. The more you know. /starfall.