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BMW makes 4-year old’s dream come true by designing a 19-engined race car

Aki Sugawara
Associate Editor

Little did four-year old Eli know that when he fantasized about his dream car to his uncle, that BMW would not only listen, but pen a vehicle just for him. The heart-warming tale began last week at auto enthusiast website Jalopnik, when a reader asked if design-savvy posters would draw up a dream car for his budding enthusiast nephew.

It couldn’t just be any race car—the Bavarian high-performance machine had to have 19 Porsche boxer engines, 42 wheels, three steering wheels being controlled simultaneously by three drivers, and most importantly, a trunk for toys.

Fellow readers submitted their own designs, and following a pledge by BMW on tumblr to sketch their own, the company kept to its promise, revealing the 4219 Eli on BMW USA’s Facebook page. It looks like the Porsche powerplants didn’t make it in, but at least the air vent for the trunk ensures efficient ventilation for the toys.