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BMW reveals the 2-Series coupes, and a successor of sorts to the 1M


The inevitable filling of even-numbered BMW models arrived today with the unveiling of BMW's 2-Series, the two-door version of its fetching 1-Series sedans. And while the small model line comes with the same mechanical pieces as the 1-Series, it will also bring back a sports option that hasn't been seen in BMW's smallest vehicles since the late, lamented 1M ended its run.

BMW says the 2-Series will only come in two varieties on these shores, given the low demand for small coupes. The BMW 228i will offer a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder engine good for 240 hp, tied to either BMW's smooth eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual. The alternative: the BMW M235i, with power from a turbocharged 3-liter inline six churning 322 hp. BMW carefully notes that the placement of the M in the model name means the 2-Series is the first U.S. model from the "M Performance" line, a less-speedy version of the M motorsports model. Prices will start at $33,025 for the 228i and $44,025 for the M235i.