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Diesel Chevy Silverado’s nitrous backfire makes for a spectacular dyno blast


In the endless quest for additional power, the risks for failures inevitably rise. So when you radically tune your 2001 Chevrolet 2500 HD Silverado Classic, squeezing more than 1,000 hp from the Duramax LB7 diesel engine, the odd hiccup is to be expected. Massive nitrous backfire blowouts, like what occurred during this recent dyno run? Maybe not so much.

Over on the Duramax Diesels forum, poster Cafryer fessed up as the owner of the Chevy after a video taken by a spectator appeared on Facebook. "Unfortunately that is me," Cafryer admitted. Little over a year ago, his truck was rated at 1,048 hp and supposedly sported $20,000 in upgrades. His profile on the forum now boasts a "1500+ hp" badge of honor, offering some indication of the additional work completed since his initial investment. Cafryer stated the blowout occurred from a "little nitrous backfire." And that the damage to the engine "looks a lot worse than it was." Another commenter mentioned how he too had to deal with a few nitrous backfires, "but not nearly that powerful of an explosion."

Given the energy of the blowout, and the debris flung near a crowd, it's a miracle no one was injured. Cafryer, however, remains unfazed: "Its all good guys. (I'm) already fixing it."

Onward and upward.