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Land Rover’s $226,000 Range Rover arrives in opulent style


Starting at $82,650, the Range Rover isn't cheap. And yet it sells well here in the States, where the average buyer's salary tops $500,000. With its opulent Autobiography model fetching $135,450, you'd think Land Rover has the luxury SUV segment pretty much covered – but no.

The Autobiography Black arrives next week at the wealthy city of Dubai's annual auto show, priced at $226,000. It's even more luxurious than ever for those with royal titles, a few billion to spare or David Beckham.

Further, Land Rover announced its long-wheelbase Range Rover, offering an additional 140mm of legroom. It's the first long-wheelbase model the British marque has made in almost 20-years, and the Autobiography Black is only offered in this form. Along with increased lower extremity space, the sumptuous leather rear seats recline to 17 degrees. With occupants receiving a 10.2 inch color screen embedded into the headrests, along with massaging seats and a calf rest to help tycoons relax, a leather-wrapped table electronically appears, and a champagne chiller – with glasses – helps keep one hydrated.

The exterior, too, is subtly revised, featuring chrome accents, muted Black badging, a revised taillamp pattern and exclusive seven-spoke 21- or 22-inch rims; the later for those who can't pull off tighty-whities but still yearn for Beckham-like style.

All of these fit-for-a-baby-prince updates get powered by the same supercharged 5.0-liter V-8, and feature the new Range's aluminum body that sheds around 800 lbs., making the current Range Rover the most capable the brand has ever created. And with wealthy execs seeking the ultimate chauffeur-driven luxury machine, and the standard wheelbase still lacking a touch for those with legs, the long wheelbase Black model looks set to become the SUV of choice — but only for those with Savile Row set on speed dial.