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Proof that racing takes talent from a Ford GT40 in the rain


IndyCar fans know the name Kenny Bräck well, from his win of the 1999 Indianapolis 500 and his horrifying crash at Texas Motor Speedway that he barely survived and required 18 months of recovery. Bräck has since retired from open-wheel racing, but he runs a few laps here and there — and this video of his drive in a 1966 Ford GT40 at the wet Goodwood circuit in England last weekend has only served to remind the world just how good of a driver he was.

Controlling any race car in a hard rain takes skill; running a million-dollar classic whose steering wheel is twitching like a squirrel in a meth lab requires a rare amount of talent. Within the first five seconds of this qualifying lap at the Goodwood Revival, another GT40 runs off course, yet Brack never lets up. If only all 47-year-olds were so good behind the wheel.