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Totaled Ferrari F50 sold back to Europe for $446,000


Earlier this month, we brought you word of a 1995 Ferrari F50 supercar, one of only 349 ever built, biding its time in a Connecticut salvage yard after a ferocious crash destroyed its front end. With pristine examples of the F50 bringing $1.7 million in auction, we were curious just how much the world of auto auctioneering could draw for one that would need a full, expensive rebuilding.

The answer came earlier this week: $446,000, from a buyer in Germany on an iPad, following a wild set of online bids at Copart which drove the price rising by $139,000 in the final four minutes. If Vegas took such bets, I'd lay one that the rebuilding will cost more than the purchase price; rarely has spending so much money been the easiest part of buying a Ferrari.