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Using pliers instead of a steering wheel? You’re doing it wrong


If you've ever owned a car, chances are you've tried to save a little money by ignoring the occasional odd noise or broken bit rather than gambling on a mechanic's visit. But when the only way to control your car involves locking a pair of pliers on the spindle where your steering wheel once was, maybe it's time to either visit the garage or find another way around.

The photo above comes from Adelaide, Australia, where police pulled over a 38-year-old man "driving" an older Holden Commodore following an alleged hit-and-run accident. It wasn't much of a chase, since the white sedan had two flat tires, and the driver was later found to have no insurance or driver's license — which hadn't harmed his ability to get methamphetamine and marijuana, and which police charged him with using before climbing behind the Vise-Grip.

We can laugh at one man's ingenuity, but he's far from alone. I have known people who used screwdrivers jammed in the ignition to start a car and tied down busted hoods with bungee cords. There's entire message boards devoted to mechanics' photos of brake rotors worn into wavy, rusted sculptures through years of squeaky neglect. Most of us may see this as proof of the lengths drivers will go to stay on the road, but I have a feeling someone will look at this photo and be inspired.

Photo: SA Police