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Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek can menace your driveway in “Breaking Bad” prop auction


As the final, almost punishing episodes of "Breaking Bad" arrive, the show's ephemera has already been placed on the auction block by Hollywood's junk merchants. And while most television shows use up most of the life from their props, "Breaking Bad" has a few lots that hold some appeal for the car savvy — none more so than Walter White's beige Pontiac Aztek. It's easily the world's most famous Aztek, but before you empty the 401(k) you should know it needs a bit of TLC.

According to the Screenbid auction site, "Breaking Bad" used three separate Pontiac Azteks. One was used for spare parts, while another will be parked in the Sony lot as a memento/badge of evil triumphing over good. The one up for sale, a 2003 model, "was a crash vehicle. Its rear quarter is pretty much wrecked, and the glass is broken, so it'll need some work. OK, it'll need a whole lot of work." Given that Walt gets $50 for the Aztek in the series, the question for the eventual buyer will be whether to fix it up or leave it as is – a Heisenberg principle question if there ever was one.

While "Breaking Bad" did a better job than most TV series at matching its characters to vehicles, most of its other recognizable rides are either already sold — i.e., Jesse Pinkman's Toyota Tercel — or destroyed during filming. The one exception in Screenbid's auction: Skyler White's 1991 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has been kept in running condition. If you're going to spend good money on Hollywood's cast-offs, you might as well buy something useful.