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Lending a Helping Hand

PC.com Team

Filipino gamers, looking to assist survivors of the devastating earthquake that shook Central Visayas on October 15, banded together to raise funds at the Pinoy Gaming Festival. The gamers managed to raise US$5,850 toward its US$10,000 goal. As a gesture of support, Razer has stepped up to fund the balance of the philanthropic endeavor and donate the full US$10,000 to Philippine Red Cross.

Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director, Min-Liang Tan committed to donate 100 percent of apparel sales proceeds at the Festival to Philippine Red Cross as a way of giving back to the community. This, incidentally is also his first official visit to the Philippines.

“I applaud the gamers in the Philippines who stepped-up and contributed to this cause,” said Tan. “They have definitely defied the stay-at-home gamer stereotype and played a significant role during this time of disaster. I am heartened by the passionate fans in the country. We sold out of many popular apparel designs and sizes on the first day and I am positive that we could have raised more otherwise.”

Tan added the following: “Our Filipino fans have exceeded my expectations and did a phenomenal job.”

To help rally gamers to the cause, Razer enlisted the help of the Philippines’ very own Alodia, who made a stage appearance during Pinoy Gaming Festival, and her sister, Ashley, who fronted a resounding performance with her band. The event also serves as a platform to strengthen Razer’s relationship with the local fans.

“The recent earthquake has made me realize that there are many gamers in the Philippines who are willing to do their part to help those in need,” said Alodia. “My sister and I are deeply inspired by their incredible spirit and we are proud to be part of Razer’s initiative.”