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Power Pitch Tournament of Champions

Power Pitch
Power Pitch Tournament of Champions

Round 1

All day today on CNBC, we are putting the best of the best power pitches on our Power Pitch Tournament of Champions—a competition that gives start-up founders a chance to pitch their big idea to the world and the ultimate judge, serial entrepreneur and investor Marcus Lemonis. He is the CEO and chairman of Camping World a multibillion dollar company and host of the CNBC Primetime series “The Profit.”

The founders, hailing from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv, will go head to head in five rounds. At the end of each round, Lemonis will send one founder home and move the winner closer to becoming the champion.

Each of the six entrepreneurs have delivered a CNBC/Yahoo! Finance Power Pitch before and received high marks from a panel of three judges.

In the tournament of Champions, founders get just 30 seconds and must deliver the pitch live.

These are the best-of-the-best start-ups that made it this far. You can click on them to see the pitch that qualified them for the competition:

The Muse – a career and job hunt service
iCracked – an iPhone repair company
Petflow - a pet food delivery service
BioLite – sells a cookstove that charges your cellphone with fire

In the first round Songza, a music playlist app, faces Fooducate, a personal grocery advisor. Click the video above to see who will move on and battle the rest of the contestants.

You can watch the action unfold on CNBC. We will also post the results to each round in this blog … so keep checking throughout the day!

Round 2

In Round 2, A.J. Forsythe of iCracked, an iPhone repair service, battled it out against Kathryn Minshew from The Muse, a job search and career advice start-up.

While Marcus Lemonis liked both companies, he chose The Muse to move on to the semifinals. Did he make the right choice?

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Round 3

Jonathan Cedar of eco-friendly campstove maker BioLite faced off against Alex Zhardanovsky, the co-founder of PetFlow a subscription pet food service. Lemonis went back and forth but finally concluded the market size for PetFlow gave them the edge over BioLite. Not to worry, he decided to place an order worth $50,000 for the BioLite Campstove to put in his Camping World stores.

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Round 4

Elias Roman of music playlist Songza faced off against Kathryn Minshew of the Muse, a job and career advice service, during the semifinal round of Power Pitch Tournament of Champions.

Though Marcus Lemonis kept the two on the edge of their seats, in the end he sent Minshew home and moved Songza to the final round.

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Roman will face PetFlow co-founder Alex Zhardanovsky during Closing Bell.

Round 5

And the Power Pitch Tournament of Champions winner is … Alex Zhardanovsky of PetFlow!

Judge Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit said that he liked Elias Roman’s Songza pitch but struggled with its business model.

On the other hand, PetFlow presented a clear revenue stream, profitability and marketing techniques, giving the company the winning edge.

Congratulations Alex Zhardanovsky (and his dog, Ruby) of PetFlow!

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--Additional reporting by Joanna Weinstein

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