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Sept. 12: Hong Kong Disneyland opens in 2005

Jennifer Karmon

Hong Kong -- the world's fifth host for a Disney theme park, and only the second in Asia (Tokyo was the first, in 1983) -- opened its Disneyland eight years ago today. And we've got two words for you:

Feng shui.

The ancient Chinese philosophy seeks to bring one's surroundings into harmony with spiritual forces, often by the physical placement of key objects. Hong Kong Disneyland went to great lengths to honor such cultural sensibilities, including:

• Scheduling the debut for Sept. 12, thought to be auspicious for business openings (and for moving house, by the way).

• Adding a curve to walkway entrances, so that positive energy doesn't flow out to the bay.

Shifting gate positions by 12 degrees.

• Using lots of water, including waterfalls to accumulate fortune. A Mickey Mouse fountain placed at the entrance does double duty, one feng shui master told the Associated Press: "'That fountain's function is to create wealth, and more importantly it serves to block the straight road leading into the park,' said [Peter] So, adding that curved roads enable qi to flow better than straight ones."

• Deploying ornamental boulders for stability.

• Making sure that the lucky color red is used prominently and liberally.

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