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A serene scene with a surprise centerpiece

Jennifer Karmon

Take a careful look at this photo. The furnishings and mood are quite classic -- but do you see what's in the decorative bowl on the table? Can you tell what it is?

Here's the caption that Tim Sidford, aka Sweetington, provided on Flickr:

"Today I starting reading a new book on interiors, and came across this most wonderful sentence: ' ... the drawing room was decorated not with flowers in vases but with vibrant green heads of broccoli tucked into Georgian silver biscuit tins.' It also recommends decorating a dining table with vases of tall weeds, or large bowls filled with lemons.

"Well, why not?! I had a couple of broccoli heads in the fridge so here is my small attempt at Vegetable Chic (sadly minus the Georgian silverware!)."

Do you use common materials in unusual ways? We'd love to hear about them -- tell us in the comments! Or better yet: Join Yahoo Homes' Flickr group and share your pictures. We'd love to feature them here on the blog.

P.S. This photo was taken last year, and Sidford later restyled the area. Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at the shot of energy he injected with yellow and blue.