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Ford vs Microsoft

Amanda Diaz
Talking Numbers
Ford vs Microsoft

Which is a better buy: Microsoft or Ford?

What do Microsoft and Ford have in common? Well, nothing.

But the tech and auto world are buzzing after reports surfaced that Microsoft is trying to recruit Ford CEO Alan Mulally, something that Mulally actually denied in an interview with CNBC Europe:

“Clearly, I am immensely focused on Ford. We have a great partnership with Microsoft as you pointed out, they helped us and partnered with us to develop the original sync system, so we look forward to continuing that relationship, but I absolutely love serving our Ford”.

(Watch full interview: Ford CEO plays down reports of an early exit)

But if you had to buy one of the stocks, which would it be? And if Mulally does in fact leave Ford for Microsoft, would that change the equation?

Check out the video to find out.


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