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Revealed: Joe Theismann’s stock picks

Amanda Diaz
Talking Numbers
Revealed: Joe Theismann’s stock picks

Joe Theismann has done it all: All-Pro quarterback for the world-champion Redskins; successful restaurateur; brilliant broadcaster.

Now Joe T is leaving gridiron glory for the thrill of investing, and according to him, trading is just as enjoyable as touchdowns.

In an exclusive interview with Talking Numbers, Theismann explains how he got hooked on trading and how it continues to satisfy his thirst for competition. Interestingly enough, he says the skills required to be a successful football player are not that different from those needed to be a good trader. Both require discipline, determination and perhaps a bit of luck.

So what plays is this Hall of Famer calling?

Well, there are three stocks in particular that Theismann says could score touchdowns for your portfolio.

They are Potash, Synta Pharmaceuticals and Invesco Mortgage Capital.

So how have they done?

Well, Potash shares have been sacked, down 26% year-to-date while the Dow is up 14% over that time. Synta Pharmaceuticals is also down 26% this year. And as for Invesco Mortgage Capital? Well, that’s done a little better, but it’s still down 22% as rising rates have blitzed the stock.

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Still, Theismann remains undeterred, and has no plans for calling an audible when it comes to these stocks. So why is he predicting? Click the video above to find out.


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