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Why Facebook is poised for big gains

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Is owning Facebook a way to play the mobile market?

The social media company, which two years ago had just about no mobile strategy to speak of, is now touting its dominance in that space. Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said to CNBC's Julia Boorstin Monday:

"Twelve percent of consumer media time is on mobile, and just 3% of the budgets, and we think we offer by far the best opportunity to reach customers by mobile. Facebook gets one in seven minutes on the desktop. We get one in five minutes on mobile. So, a greater percentage."

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But no everyone thinks Facebook's mobile revenues are what give the company value. Brian Wieser, Senior Analyst at Pivotal Research Group, believes the large amount of time mobile users spend on Facebook doesn't matter so much to the company's top line.

"Time and money have very little to do with each other," says Wieser on CNBC's Street Signs' Talking Numbers segment. "If that were the case, Google would be generating about $100 million, maybe $1 billion of revenue. It's not a relevant metric but it's a nice story. The reality– and the better story for Facebook – is that it is a bedrock foundation piece of modern advertising."

Talking Numbers contributor Richard Ross, Global Technical Strategist at Auerbach Grayson, says Facebook's charts alone make the company a must-have.

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"Facebook has to be the cornerstone of any portfolio at this point," says Ross. "The stock is in an outstanding technical position. There's as much as 50% upside from current levels."

Ross notes that the stock is now nearly double where it was a year ago thanks in large part to its defining its mobile strategy. He now sees the stock price traveling in an uptrend channel with a $73 per share price target. But he thinks the long-term trend is even more positive.

"Longer-term, there's 50% upside here," says Ross. "This is a $160 billion company. It could be twice that you'd still be a buyer. You have to own Facebook."

To see the full discusson on Facebook with Wieser on the fundamentals and Ross on the technicals, watch the video above.

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