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5 Top Stocks of the Week: April 5

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Editors Note: The list of top stocks is derived from the quote pages that received the most views on Yahoo! Finance by examining data for the current week. It is not, however, a list of the most searched-for tickers or company names on our site.

1. Apple (AAPL)

The pounding inflicted upon shares of Apple throughout the first quarter shows no signs of slowing, with the second quarter starting out with an apology from management and another no-confidence vote from Wall Street.

CEO Tim Cook kicked off the week with an apology to China over warranty and customer service issues. Then, on Tuesday, Goldman Sachs dropped Apple from its conviction buy list.

Even Jim Cramer took a shot, calling Apple the new J.C. Penney (JCP) of the tech world:

“There has not been a single piece of good news about apple for 300 points and today is just another day where the news is horrendous,” said Cramer on CNBC.

There seems little to be excited about at the moment. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the next iPhone is due to be released this summer and will come with little, if any, wow factor. At best, the new phone is expected to have a faster processor and a few software additions.

Shares did get a minor boost on Wednesday as a new Apple TV rumor came to life. This time, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White fanned the fading Apple embers with a report that a 60-inch Apple “iTV” would start selling in late 2013 for between $1,500 and $2,500.

Shares of Apple fell 4.4% over the last five full trading days, closing at $423.20 on Friday. Shares have fallen 22.9% for the year to date.

2. Bank of America (BAC)

Earnings results for the country’s biggest banks will kick off next week. Bank of America, the nation’s second-largest bank, has been of top interest to our readers for several months and shows no signs of fading. The company will report earnings on April 17.

Analysts aren’t expecting major surprises from the banking heavyweights. In fact, according to a report from TheStreet.com, the biggest banks could show limited growth as they continue to face economic headwinds while grappling with restructuring efforts.

“Bank of America has been restructuring its businesses over the last couple of years, shedding non-core assets and laying off employees, but those measures have been offset by high mortgage servicing expenses and elevated legal expenses,” noted TheStreet.

CEO Brian Moynihan seems keenly aware of the slowing environment. According to a Bloomberg report on Wednesday, Moynihan called more than 100 “regional leaders” to a meeting in Chicago, putting their feet to the fire on generating more revenue.

“Revenue has dropped every year of Moynihan’s three-year tenure as he sold assets, repaired the firm’s balance sheet and settled more than $40 billion in claims tied to defective mortgages,” said Bloomberg.

Shares have fallen 2.2% over the last five full trading days, closing at $11.97 on Friday. Shares are down 0.5% for the year to date.

3. BlackBerry (BBRY)

Shares of BlackBerry were still basking in in the afterglow of last week’s surprise earnings announcement. Despite reclaiming profitability, there remain serious areas of concern. While sales of the new Z10 smartphone did well in the fourth quarter, the company did lose almost 3 million subscribers.

The Z10 was launched in international markets and is now being sold in the U.S. A version with a physical keyboard will be released in May and is expected to be available in the U.S. later this summer.

Shares are up 2.7% over the last five full trading days, but are up 25.4% for the year to date.

4. Facebook (FB)

All eyes were on Facebook’s special announcement on Thursday, widely expected to be a Facebook phone. What the social media giant actually unveiled was a suite of apps that, in essence, take over the function on Android phones.

The “Facebook Home” system will be available on April 12 and will make the Facebook experience the dominant overlord program for those signing up.

The company also joined with HTC at AT&T (T) to sell the first smartphone, the HTC First, to come preloaded and optimized with Facebook Home.

Shares of Facebook were on the upswing heading into Thursday and continued to rise following the event. Shares have risen 6.2% over the last 5 full trading days, closing at $27.39 on Friday. Shares have lost 2.1% for the year to date.

5. MagicJack VocalTec (CALL)

Internet phone company MagicJack may have put some unpleasantness from the first quarter behind it with the announcement of strong fourth-quarter earnings earlier this week.

The company swung to profitability in the quarter, reporting earnings of $22.3 million, or $1.17 per shares, compared with a loss of $5.6 million, or 26 cents, in the same quarter a year ago. Revenue jumped 56% to $41.4 million from $26.6 million.

Shares spiked on the news and are up 8.3% over the last five full trading days, closing at $15.68 on Friday. Shares are down 15.5% for the year to date.