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Driver Rams Ohio Taco Bell for Forgotten Taco

The Exchange

A customer at an Ohio Taco Bell intentionally crashed his pickup into the store after realizing his order was missing one of the 99-cent tacos he'd asked for, according to reports.

The food rage incident reportedly happened just after midnight in Huber Heights, beginning after a 23-year-old man picked up his order at the drive-through window and pulled away. When he went through his bag, he found he was short a taco, so he went back to the shop and started yelling at employees.

He got the missing taco, but still angry, drove around to the front of the store and rammed his truck into the building.

The man was able to drive away after the crash, but the damage he did to his vehicle did him in. Police followed a trail of leaking fluid to his house and made the arrest. Several reports said the driver's name was being withheld until formal charges are filed. He's being held in the Montgomery County Jail and is said to be on the verge of being charged with felony vandalism.

In one report, Sgt. Chris Kash of the Huber Heights Police Department, spoke about the incident. "The damage he's done to a business is vandalism, also, loss of business here and everything it's going to take to replace. This is a brand new store. They just built this and opened it maybe six months ago."

Only weeks ago, two visitors to a Tennessee McDonald's (MCD) were arrested on multiple charges after vandalizing the store. The duo had reportedly ordered cheeseburgers with no onions or ketchup, but they instead got both toppings. In response, the pair allegedly threw a brick and a piece of concrete through a window.

Taco Bell, known for its low-priced Mexican-style burritos, chalupas and other eats, is owned by Yum! Brands (YUM), which is also the parent company of Pizza Hut and KFC. The first Taco Bell opened in Downey, Calif., in 1962, and the chain now has about 5,600 U.S. locations.