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Heidi Klum Misses the Cut on Stroller Design

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Heidi Klum: Jetzt entwirft sie auch noch Kindermode

Heidi Klum has been successful in a variety of pursuits -- supermodel, designer, spokesperson, television host -- but she appears to have missed the cut when it comes to stroller design.

Consumer Reports on Thursday issued a "don't buy" rating on Klum's Truly Scrumptious Travel System, sold exclusively at Babies "R" Us stores for $220. The problem, says CR, rests in the stroller's buckle.

"When we applied force where the harness attaches to the buckle itself, the buckle's right side released 10 out of 15 times on three separate samples," reads the report.

The stroller fared even poorer when subjected to an impact test that simulates a stroller hitting a curb. "This time, the buckle's right side released one out of five times on each of two samples, and five out of five time on a third sample."

"Of the more than 100 strollers in Consumer Reports' Ratings, the Truly Scrumptious Travel System is the only one with this problem."


Consumer Reports contacted the manufacturer, Dorel Juvenile Group, which disagreed with the assessment and had conducted it's own safety tests on the product.