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Six Reasons Everyone Is Tweeting About the Twitter IPO

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1. What other IPO lets you see Oprah getting Shaqed in real time?

Celebs use twitter just like we do. This drives both page views and usage for the company, making it more valuable with every hilarious exchange:


2.  Twitter tweeted to announce its IPO

Look, you’ve got to love a company that loves its own product.  When twitter wanted to tell the world that they were cashing in dot-com style, they did it in the same way their users announce what they’re having for lunch…they tweeted it:

3.  Twitter users are worried

LIke the old saying goes… if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.  And twitter users know it.  There’s a lot of people that are very unhappy with recent twitter design changes who fear a future of being bombarded with ads as the company seeks to make Wall Street happy:

4.  Investors are excited

But those ads are how twitter rings the cash register, and unlike twitter’s users, analysts like what they see so far.  With ad revenues set to double this year, some are predicting that Twitter’s real-time ad engine could drive the stock far higher than its IPO price:

5.  Everyone learned from the Facebook IPO

OK, so the last social-media stock IPO didn’t go so well. After Facebook stock’s trading outages and an early drop in share price, it’s understandable why some retail investors are thinking twice before dipping into the Twitter IPO…

But the Facebook IPO  did “result in an unusually large spike in new account openings from the Millennial generation,” according to Nicole Sherrod of TD Ameritrade.  She also says that Facebook was “the most popular IPO that TD Ameritrade has seen in a very long time,” representing 22% of their total trades on the day of the launch!

As for technology and pricing, it seems Wall street has learned its lesson.  The NYSE says they’ve actually stress tested their systems, and most analysts think the IPO shares are being priced for an early pop as pre-IPO demand soars…

6.  People love twitter

Face it, whether we are mega celebrities or average joes, we’re addicted to twitter.  It’s fast, free, and most of all, it’s fun:

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