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Welcome to today's roundup of what's trending around the world of finance and business. This inaugural look from Yahoo! Finance's Exchange at what's spiking on social media sites and in search terms kicks off with the story everyone seems to be talking about, or perhaps just that every media outlet's reporting on. Either way, trust us, it's everywhere: The DNS hacked-computer drama.


If you haven't heard of it, you've not been on a news site in the last few days. As TV reporters might say with complete and utter seriousness, "It's being called Malware Monday," or something similarly alliterative. Here's the summary, courtesy of Dylan Stableford at Y! News.

Thousands of computer users may be without Internet access Monday after a deadline expired for a temporary fix to a malicious software scam shut down by the FBI last year. Millions of computers were infected with the so-called "Internet Doomsday" virus used in the hacking scam, which redirected Internet searches through DNS servers used by the scammers.

Yes, Internet Doomsday. Pretty scary stuff. No Internet? Terrifying. The truth is the vast, vast majority of computers in the U.S. and around the world are NOT infected now, if they ever were, but thanks to the always hard-working panic generator, searches for the DNS changer infection have been soaring in recent days. Terms like DCWG and DCWG connect were also trending upward, as you and your fellow humans scoured the Internet to make sure that come today, you would still be able to scour the Internet. If you're reading this, you can.

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