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Twitter Linkfest: The Best Links You Might Have Missed

Philip Pearlman
The Exchange

So much digital ink spilled over the Twitter S-1, so little time. Here's some of the very best stories you might have missed.

  • Light weekend reading fun for the entire family ... Twitter's S-1... (SEC)
  • Twitter's big risk is migration away from the platform ... (Brian X. Chen, Ben Evans)
  • Twitter is spending an unbelievable amount on research and development... (Aaron Pressman)
  • Rappers prefer Twitter to Facebook ... (Rap Genius)
  • A superb and intimate in-depth Ev Williams interview by Kevin Rose ... (Phil Pearlman)
  • Twitter was mobile native before it was cool, and this is bullish ... (Ingrid Lunden)
  • Twitter's ad revenue per user is only one-third of Facebook's, but they didn't tell you that ... (Ritchie King and Zachary Seward)
  • While everyone compares Twitter to Facebook, China's Sina Weibo compares itself to Twitter ... (Paul Bischoff)
  • 77% of Twitter's users are international, but they generate only a fraction per user of the revenue from U.S. users ... (Cooper Smith)
  • Jack Dorsey asked President Hassan Rouhani of Iran if citizens of his nation are able to read his tweets ... (Mathew Ingram)
  • The first tweet ever sent ... (@jack)