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Y!F Festival of Links: Disruption and the Limitations of Math

Philip Pearlman
The Exchange

The weekend is a good time to catch up on great reads that add color to the tape. Here's a few that are well worth your time:

The Internet has now turned its sights on disrupting venture capital the way it did equity trading 15 years ago. Great read... (Om Malik)

Exposing Wall Street's Latest Heist - Looting the Pension Funds... (Rolling Stone)

No matter how sophisticated we might get with our math, the market will surprise us big time... (Robert Seawright)

Taking Twitter Public - Anthony Noto has made good after his rocky end to the 90s... (BuzzFeed)

Despite the tendency to underperform, heavily shorted stocks are ripping. (Michael Santoli)

Has the day finally come when technology will leave millions of us out of a gig? (Daniel Akst)

If kids are hacking iPads given to them at school, maybe they are learning critical skillz... (LA Times)

Keep an eye on the transports next week as they're showing the first signs of cracking... (Chris Kimble)

The correlation between unemployment and inflation is not what you think... (Scott Krisiloff)

Chart porn: Maybe the world is not going to hell in a handbasket... (Matt Phillips)

Bad news, Fido. Halloween costume spending is down this year — for people and even (gasp!) their pets. (Chris Nichols)

Enjoy your weekend.

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